Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Alpha Domus

Alpha Domus 'The Barnstormer' Syrah 2016 Hawkes Bay
Very engaging bouquet of Syrah - meaty, spicy, masculine an oaky; fruit aromas of dark berries suggesting dark and ripe black currant, dark plum then clove and toasty oak suggestions, youthful. On the palate - firm, dry, youthful and tense with firm tannins, medium+ acidity and weight, plenty of oak and strong flavours including the darker berry fruits suggested earlier. A youthful example still finding its way to balance, but does have good potential to become a finer wine with time. Decant for service and service with high protein food. Best drinking window from late 2018 through 2024.
89 Points

Alpha Domus 'The Navigator' 2014 Bordeaux Blend
Very engaging bouquet showing ripe dark berry fruits aromas, violet and oak spices; baked vanilla and clove centric oak, tobacco and ceder/cigar box scents, an herbal vegetal/herbaceous layer from the Cabernet(s), dark plum. On the palate - dry, firm, youthful and flavourful; if you like oak, fuller bodied red wine and spicy wood laced dark berry fruit flavours then this wine will tick all these boxes for you. Decant for service with very high protein food or wait and drink from 2020 through 2030.
92 Points

Terra Sancta

Terra Sancta 'Jackson Block' Pinot Noir 2015 Bannockburn Central Otago
Generous and distinctive aromas Pinot Noir with a brown spice and ripe light red fruits bouquet - cinnamon and ceder layered between, dried herb, red cherry, raspberry and red plum, noticeable complexity and quite engaging. On the palate - abundant flavours of cherry and brown spices then other light red berry fruits, a savoury layer, and oak; fine yet abundant tannins with a chalky texture, medium+ acidity and length. Overall a lovely example and true to the TS style. Best drinking from late 2018 through 2024.
92 Points

Charles Smith Wines

Jung Fu Girl  Riesling 2015 Washington State - USA
Pungent aromas of lime and green apple laced with apple blossom and mandarin. On the palate - off dry with just enough residual sugar to tease and balance against a definitive line of acidity; flavours reflect the nose especially the apple and lime with a squeeze of lemon; balanced and well made with a moderate finish. Drink now and through 2022.
89 Points

Eve Chardonnay 2015 Washington State - USA
There's no mistaking the classic combination of fresh and baked stone fruit alongside oak and its spicy vanilla and toast and butter aromas; a creamy almost cheesy layer adds to this Chardonnay bouquet. On the palate - flavours of peaches and some grapefruit with vanilla and oak spice, a toasty layer, medium acidity, medium+ weighted, firmly textured - masculine in style - balanced and well made. Drink now and through 2020.
88 Points

Boom Boom Syrah 2015 Washington State - USA
Attractive, bold and fruity expression of Syrah with aromas of black currant, dark cherry and raspberry - all laced with a peppery spice and toasty wood layer - clove and vanilla with some cedar notes. On the palate - firm at first then fruity and finishing dry; flavours of ripe and sour black currant, dark cherry and plum, medium tannins and medium+ acidity, a toasty wood layer and overall a balanced and very drinkable style. Best enjoyed now and through 2022.
90 Points

Monday, 17 July 2017


Amisfield 'Burn' Pinot Gris 2016 Central Otago (Orange style wine)
A bouquet with a point of difference showing spice and earthiness a savoury showing a little spice and saffron with a mushroom earthy layer, overall quite complex. On the palate - dry with flavours of tangerine and orange peel, saffron and apricot, a savoury spice and earthy tones add layers. If you would like to take a peak at the world of orange wine this is a decent example to show how well done it can be.
89 Points

Rameau d'Or

Rameau d'Or Cotes de Provence Rose 2016 Golden Bough
Attractive fragrances of light red fruits - light red cherry and strawberry with a hint of cranberry; these are repeated on the palate with a crisp and refreshing acidity, very light and fine needle point tannins showing off a chalky mineral-like moment. 
88 Points

Waipara Hills

Waipara Hills 'Soul' Gruner Veltliner 2016 Waipara
Ripe and fragrant bouquet with aromas of citrus, apple and a gentle vegetal quality typical of the variety - a hint of radish and snow pea, a light mineral wet stone layer adds some depth.
On the palate - crisp and dry with a pristine layer of acidity; flavours reflect the nose with apple and citrus, but also a pineapple note - balancing the vegetal attributes. Balanced and well made with a medium finish. Great alternative to both Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling. A must try wine.
88 Points